About Horse Rope Connection & Horse Supply

Welcome to Horse Rope Connection’s blog!

This blog is mainly designed to give you tips, tricks, helpful advice and fun articles to enjoy. We also want to give you some insight on who we are, why we love horses and what our day to day is like. We hope you enjoy and continue to follow our blog!



Horse Rope Connection & Horse Supply

A little about us…

Horse Rope Connection was established in 2008 to help horse owners find the quality of rope they need to create their own professional grade tack. If you enjoy rope halters and training equipment then no doubt you know how important quality can be when working with that type of equipment. All of the rope we carry is premium quality like you will find your favorite clinicians using. The difference is that we are able to provide it to you at a much lower price! All our rope is made here in the US from some of the finest mills across the country. We are horse owners and know that quality is important when working with rope tack products! You will be able to create your own lead ropes, reins, halters and much more with the rope you purchase here. Our handmade rope tack and horsemanship products are crafted with care. Each halter, hackamore, mecate etc that we make is designed to not only do the job it was designed for but to also give you that professional feel and look. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality hand crafted horsemanship products that will stand up to all the work and play you do with your horses!

When we are not making products or shipping orders you will find us at the barn or spending time with our families. We hope you enjoy our blog and stop back often!

Happy Trails!



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